What is an Educational Advocate:  

Works on behalf of children from infancy to age 21 who are at risk for school-based discrimination and/or academic failure.  

How do we work as an educational advocate:  

We are a multi-disciplinary team here to help you. This means we have both educational therapists as well as medical doctors to help increase your changes of being property treated at your local school.  we are able to look at your child's case from various perspectives in order to you and your child to get your academic needs met in your local school.   Our center provides on the special needs  consultation and advocacy services.   

  • Personalized Review & Explanation of Educational Records
  • Classroom Observations & Consultations with School Staff
  • Development, Monitoring, & Review of IEP's and 504 plans
  • Attendance at School & Regional Center Meetings
  • Special Needs Assessment

  • Development of Educational Strategies to Improve Learning Plans
  • Evaluation of a Child's Current Academic Program & Related Services
  • Consultation & Coordination of Services with Agencies, including CCS, Regional Center, & Private Providers
  • Identification of the current school or treatment program for your child if the current program is not working

Call for a free initial consultation to determine if we are the right fit for you and your child.